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Buffalo Rock Tented Camp is set in an area of unspoiled natural beauty in the Kruger National Park, and is rich in bird and animal life. We're assured of our privacy here ... other than, of course, the nocturnal visitors such as lion and hyena, who are often seen around the camp. This is a camping experience, but it's a first class one. Come and experience the bush with us in true style.

You can choose a package to suit your needs
We are delighted to offer you this Fully Guided Holiday on either a 2 night, 4 night or 6 night option.
This Tented Safari is a back to nature experience
Comfy walk-in safari tents is what you will be staying in on this safari. Forget en-suite bathrooms or electricity - We provide the best possible portable bush showers and toilets and all camping arrangements are taken care of by the support staff.